Kingdom of Legabelden
Coat of Arms

Deus salve!
Latin: God reigns!
Der Königgrätzer Marsch
National and Royal Anthem
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oregon, United States
Capital city Daskhinet
Largest city Daskhinet
Official language(s) English
Demonym Legabeldane
Government Constitutional and Absolute monarchy
- Monarch Harry
- Prime Minister HIRM The Former Empress
Legislature Reichsversammlung[1]
- Type - unicameral
Established 14 March 2012
Area claimed 0.6km²
Population 24
Currency Trimole
Time zone UTC+04:00 - (UAE) UTC-07:00 and 06:00 - (USA)
This was a federal state of the Abeldane Empire

Legabelden, officially the Kingdom of Legabelden, was federal state of the Abeldane Empire and previously independent nation-state kingdom condominium, located primarily in the Dubai area of United Arab Emirates, but also located in the United States. Formally established as Legafortania on the 14 March 2012, it was a sovereign condominium state of Abelden and Legatia, before it’s annexation as a state to Abelden. The Kingdom would later be dissolved in 2017.

References and notes

  1. The Parliament of Abelden serves as the parliament of Legabelden